sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Living and paying

There are times in our lives when our worries and priorities change involuntarily. For many people, the #1 concern is MONEY and issues related to it. I`m living this exciting moment of my life, getting ready to get married. Differently from Cinderela, whose prince was a lord of great wealth, my fiancé has no one who's subject to him, providing him money to keep a gorgeus castle and wear fancy clothes; and neither have I. That being so, we find ourselves in charge of the expenses for our wedding.

Since we have almost a year until our wedding, now is time to organize the event and browse the internet and shops, looking for furniture, kitchen appliances and so on. During my stay in the US, I discovered two devices that have changed my life: a dishwasher and a dryer. These two beauties can make housewives lives sooo much easier!!! I suffer from hearing my mom complaining everyday because she has to come home from work, make dinner and wash the dishes, when all she wants is to take a shower and watch as much soap opera as she can. Her Sundays are spent with the iron, ironing the clothes that she had washed during the week. (You must be asking yourself what is this lazy BEauty doing that she's not helping her mom. Well, I am the responsible for sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the bathrooms, making my own lunch and washing my dishes, and I also work and need some time to post on this blog, stealing these 5 minutes from your life!).

Anyways. Our problem here would be solved with a dishwasher and a dryer! That sounds simple, doesn't it? But it is not quite so simple when this magical machine that can wash and dry your clothes and also allows you to put your iron away, costs two months of your wages!!! How evil will I be if I save the money and buy myself one of these machines, and leave my mom home with her complaints. On the other hand, if I do buy them for her, the target of her complaints will be the power bill.

This fact, leads me to two conclusions: One - I'm not making enough money. Two - These appliances are two expensive! Maybe there is also a third conclusion: I'm not making enough money AND the appliances are in fact too expensive!

Do I have to wait for China to start producing them??? Maybe I should hope that the politicians of our beloved country stop using their underwear as banks and start start doing something to help the poor folks down here.